Literacy Centers in Middle School

Teaching in 2016: My Last Year in the Classroom...

This past week I finally tried using literacy centers in my classroom. I’d thought about it (and probably blogged about it) for several months, but the mechanics of actually doing it daunted me, and I procrastinated. I spent lot of time talking about it with my friend Alicia, who has centers in her first grade classroom, but still I put it off. Finally, one day last week my colleague, René told me she had just tried it, and she and her students liked it. After reviewing the stations she created, I decided I’d go for it too.

I decided I’d create nine stations, and not expect that each group would make it to each station. I wasn’t sure about timing, so decided this would be fine. I would have eight groups of three or four students, and I thought they might spend ten minutes at each station. That would…

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