Seeds Crushed by Weeds

Yes, some seeds when planted, are crushed by weeds. Weeds that wish only to prevent the beautiful blossoms that have a ‘nature-designed-destiny’ to shine forth and bless those who look, smell and indulge – to only smother and strangle their very breath…  But continue with your destiny!!! It is the ultimate plan of God from the beginning of time that will determine the outcome of the seeds placement, time and circumstance that occurs.  Stay the course on the journey of swelling, breaking the seed coat, pushing through roots, soil, past mean weeds and break through the tough surface to meet the sun.  Move through the sapling stage and produce beautiful, bountiful fruit, lucious leaves, strong stems and a tremendous trunk.   And as you grow, spread your branches, turn you leaves to the sun to bring nourishment to the rest of the plant and allow a bit of room for the minute weeds from yesteryear also enjoy a ray of sunshine….


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